Okie Trail Runner

Because running the red dirt beats pounding the pavement…

Welp, aint this a fine mess…

Would you like a great idea for a runners website? How about create one solely for the purpose of hosting race reports? That way if you personally don’t have a blog, or if the race website doesn’t host race reports, you still have a place to upload your report with pictures, etc. Then you send a link to your friends, web sites, social networking sites, whateva. I did my due diligence and used The Google and scoured the innerwebs, but such a site to my knowledge does not exist.

Ok, I don’t have time to develop the concept, so I thought it good to just grab a free blog just in case I decide to post one. I’ve got a 50K coming up if I can scrounge together the entry fee. If I do, I will prolly write about it and post it here. We shall see.

“Peace out” as the kids say. Or do they?

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