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Question about knee pain, meds and shoes…

I ran a personal trail marathon (27 miles) as my last long run before my next 50K on April 7th. I know I’ve already mentioned that! Not sure why, but my knees started really hurting around mile 20. My cardio seemed good, and while my legs were tired, I felt like I could have pushed on with a good pace. However, it hurt so damn bad when I would try to kick it up a notch that I ended up finishing the run pretty poorly. Not sure what’s up with that. I don’t remember that type of knee pain since the 2005 OKC Memorial Marathon where I ran on pavement (obviously) for the whole thing.

School me on pain meds. I believe Tylenol is OK, but Ibuprofen is bad (and Aspirin). What about Aleve? If it’s Tylenol, I’m thinking of dosing at about the 15 mile mark of my 50K and hoping for the best.

But maybe it’s my shoes. Who knows?

Comments? Suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “Question about knee pain, meds and shoes…

  1. Hi Don!

    I take oral Arnica. Its safer than NSAIDS and Tylenol just doesn’t do much for me as far as aches & pains or decreasing inflammation. I also buy Traumeel or Arnica gel and rub it directly on the ouchy spots.
    As far as shoes…everyone has their own opinions but when I had had enough of all my running injuries I went the more minimal route and it worked great for me. I sometimes think less is more and I try to imagine a dog or bear or any other animal clomping around in big ole shoes and am pretty sure that would impede their natural movement and create all kinds of injuries for them…I’m sure humans aren’t much different. :)
    Did you decide on the 50K at McMurtry? Great job on the marathon this weekend! You looked really strong.


    • Thank you Julie! You are inspiring to me as both a runner and a blogger. I have decided to go for the 50K. Overall my long run Saturday went well. Part of the painful end may have been me doing a Dave Mackey impersonation trying to keep up with two of the speedsters (Jarrod and Eric?) for the first 6 miles or so!

      I will try the Arnica. Not sure about the minimal thing or not. I’ve never been injured and I am a bit skeered of experimenting with the Vibram’s! ;)

      • I’m glad you are going to go for the 50K! You will do great. Starting out faster than normal is always a disaster for me so I’m sure that contributed to you not feeling so well at the end.
        You don’t have to go that minimal (Vibrams)…there are a lot of “in between” shoes that give you a little bit of cushion but still encourage a midfoot strike. I wear the Saucony Kinvara on roads and Saucony Peregrine on trails and they work well for me. The heel drop on them is 4mm. I haven’t been able to successfully go under that 4mm yet and Vibrams are zero. I think the typical heel drop for most trail shoes are around 12 mm.
        I’m proud of you Don, you are doing great and I’m so glad I’ll get to run McMurtry with you!

  2. I may need to start taking Co-Q10. Check this out:
    “If you’re on a statin like Lipitor or Pravachol to lower your cholesterol, you’re going to be deficient in Co-Enzyme Q10. Statins prevent the body from making Co-Q10, which is an essential nutrient for the body, almost like a vitamin. The joint pain and muscle aches some people experience when taking statins, particularly at higher doses, is because of diminished Co-Q10.”

    By the way, I love his lady’s blog. I’m following the same meat and dairy free diet that she is.

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