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I’m back!

Welp, it’s been awhile. I could bore you with a very long and frusting story but I will just skip it and instead give a very brief recap. Hit me up if you want details. Basically I gave up running for awhile to let my knees heal after my last 50K. I thought running long was not ever going to work for me again, but then I had an epiphany and thought that just because my knees killed me when I ran in Brooks Cascadia’s and weighed 200lbs doesn’t mean that they will kill me if I ran instead in Hoka’s and clocked in at 180lbs! That’s my theory anyway.

One other variable, because I really want to try to do this right: I’ve got a running coach. Starting June 1 anyway! Olga King. Anyone associated with ultrarunning in Texas will know Olga or at least knows of her. Many outside of Texas know her as well. Olga’s blog is called Run More Talk Less. If you check her out on Ultrasignup you will find that she is closing in on 100 ultras now. She’s got a lot of experience. Since this may be my last hurrah at attempting to re-engage what I absolutely love, I thought it good to have someone like Olga come alongside me and give me instruction every step of the way. I’m very excited.

My running has been going well so far this year. I didn’t run at all in January and just started back mid-February. I’ve been rapidly picking up the pace in mileage. Subject to my coach changing up my plan (VERY possible!), I should finish May with 132 miles. June should be about 160. July about 205. August 229. September 241. Etc.

I’ve got a kind of strange plan since I injured myself in a 50K last time. My plan is really to circle November 22nd and try to run the 50 mile Wild Hare trail race in Warda, Texas. To get ready for this, I plan on running the Do-Wacka-Do 50K in September and the Palo Duro 50K in October. Obviously, if I blow up at Do-Wacka-Do, then Palo Duro, Wild Hare, etc are out. But if they don’t, why not have some other cool races scheduled? I’m planning my training around the assumption that things will go well. If my knees hold out, I will be good. My memory of McMurtry was that my legs and cardio were actually pretty good! Especially compared to my first 50K when I went in underconditioned. That hurt as well as the 105 heat index hurt! Best of luck to my friends traveling to War Eagle trail races at Hobbs State Park next month. I really, really hope the weather cooperates. The trails are beautiful, but wow, I was not ready for that heat. Must be why I missed the 8 hour cutoff! Pretty bad! Even with limping like a Zombie the last 10 miles, I still was much faster in Stillwater than the hot Arkansas race. So I’m confident that with proper training under Olga, I will be ready cardio and leg-wise. The knee is the x-factor. She will probably have some tips for me in that department as well.

I just wanted to pop in here and post and update. Sorry for the radio silence!

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2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. I’m so glad you’re back! We all really missed you. And I’m excited by all of the races you have planned..you’ve picked out some good ones! You will LOVE Palo Duro. I’ve struggled with a lot of health issues the past year and am barely running. Reading this gave me a little boost of motivation to start training again. I’m running (using the term running very loosely) War Eagle 25K in a few weeks and am looking forward to it but hoping for a cool day. I remember how extremely hot it was the year you ran the 50K!

    See you on the trail soon!


    • Thanks Julie! We all have to adjust to reality of course. One of the things I HOPE I learned from my long layoff is that if the worst happens, I need to be OK with doing 25K and under. I know I can do that safely. It would be disappointing, but I would need to be able to adjust to that versus being sedentary! I’m sorry to hear that you too have had your health struggles. Luckily you have had Grandma duties to distract you! Anyway, good luck at War Eagle. It’s some beautiful single track and hopefully it’s not really that hot. I would love to go back some day. I owe that course one! I look forward to seeing you around. :)

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