Question about knee pain, meds and shoes…

I ran a personal trail marathon (27 miles) as my last long run before my next 50K on April 7th. I know I’ve already mentioned that! Not sure why, but my knees started really hurting around mile 20. My cardio seemed good, and while my legs were tired, I felt like I could have pushed on with a good pace. However, it hurt so damn bad when I would try to kick it up a notch that I ended up finishing the run pretty poorly. Not sure what’s up with that. I don’t remember that type of knee pain since the 2005 OKC Memorial Marathon where I ran on pavement (obviously) for the whole thing.

School me on pain meds. I believe Tylenol is OK, but Ibuprofen is bad (and Aspirin). What about Aleve? If it’s Tylenol, I’m thinking of dosing at about the 15 mile mark of my 50K and hoping for the best.

But maybe it’s my shoes. Who knows?

Comments? Suggestions?

Running Gear: My Wish List

I keep an Amazon Wish List for running stuff that I would like to one day own. I would say buy, but I usually don’t end up buying too much of it. It really serves as a placeholder until I find something else I like better to replace it on the list, or if I actually do end up with an item from the list. Take a look at it. What do you think? Am I missing something? Or do you have a recommendation for an item that is better than the one I have on my list?

Last long run before my 50K

Personal trail marathon (and then some) at Lake Arcadia trails done! I’m feeling pretty good about the Lake McMurtry 50K Trail Race next month. I had a few issues, but I account for my struggles at the end to 1) going out way to fast trying to keep up with a couple of speedsters, and 2) I think I need different shoes for the trail.

Currently, I am wearing a pair of size 12 Inov-8 Roclite 319′s. I don’t think they offer me nearly enough support and they aren’t very cushioned at all. On the plus side, they are heavily armored and have a great lug tread pattern. I’m thinking that I need to perhaps run the race in my tried and true road shoe, the Brooks Beast. The only bad thing on the trail with them is lack of armor and the tread is not so great for the trail. But McMurtry is not too technical or rocky, so I think that they should work fine.

If I can scrape together the money sometime, I would like to try the Montrail Badrock as a trail shoe.

Welp, aint this a fine mess…

Would you like a great idea for a runners website? How about create one solely for the purpose of hosting race reports? That way if you personally don’t have a blog, or if the race website doesn’t host race reports, you still have a place to upload your report with pictures, etc. Then you send a link to your friends, web sites, social networking sites, whateva. I did my due diligence and used The Google and scoured the innerwebs, but such a site to my knowledge does not exist.

Ok, I don’t have time to develop the concept, so I thought it good to just grab a free blog just in case I decide to post one. I’ve got a 50K coming up if I can scrounge together the entry fee. If I do, I will prolly write about it and post it here. We shall see.

“Peace out” as the kids say. Or do they?